Panther Symbolism Panther Medicine – Power Of Courage & Mysticism

By Jackie


Panther is a fierce guardian and protector. Associated with lunar energy, panther medicine is about reclaiming your power. Panthers, especially those which appear black, are steeped in mysticism and some call them the “ghosts of the forest.”


Panther Power

The Power of Panther Medicine

  •  An ancient powerful guide
  • Mysticism
  • Inherent spiritual knowing
  • Acute sensitivity – the panther’s hair picks up subtle vibrations
  • Graceful movement – in and out of life situations
  • Courage
  • Power
  • Protection
  • Spiritual knowing
  • Astral travel
  • You may seek more solitude or already be quite solitary
  • Good listening skills
  • Lunar significance – the power of the night
  • Manifest feminine energies
  • It can symbolise death and rebirth – rebirth that may come after a time of suffering
  • Time to eliminate fears
  • Awakening of inner passions
  • Sexuality
  • Reclaiming your personal power
  • Go far beyond what you had previously imagined
  • Deep insight
  • Broad vision
  • Examine things closely
  • See things clearly from a distance
  • Understand your shadow self
  • Acceptance of your shadow self
  • Live your dreams
  • You may develop clairaudience – hearing communications from other dimensions or life forms
  • Power of silence
  • Agility

It is time to welcome and accept your shadow side and embrace the power of your darkness and the mysticism of the night. Panthers have 400+ voluntary muscles which means that when you are attuned to panther medicine, you can flex your chosen muscles easily, to achieve a goal – be it spiritual, physical, mental or emotional.

Those with panther medicine have come into this life with an inherent spiritual knowing. Panther people are acutely sensitive, and need to pay close attention to this to honour their feelings, and live in their power. If you are a panther person you are most likely a bit of a loner.

Some Panther Medicine Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Do I deny my shadow self?
  2. Is it time to let an aspect of my life die, so that part or all of me can be re-born?
  3. Do I use my mystical talents?
  4. Are there some situations that need to be examined very closely and then from a distance?
  5. Are there parts of myself that I need to accept?
  6. Am I getting enough time by myself?
  7. Am I really living my dreams?
  8. Am I listening to the messages that come from my acute sensitivity?

Panther & Love

Panther & Love – Panther Medicine In Your Relationships


  • Do you really know your shadow self and its motivation?
  • Are you feeling more powerful sexual energy?
  • Do your close relationships nurture your mystical and spiritual side?
  • Are you going through a period of death and re-birth?

Maybe you have been through a painful life experience, even a death of someone close or some kind of trauma. Panther medicine can help you push through this and move towards re-birth. This re-birth may be purely within your own self, but once it occurs it will affect your important relationships.  The relationships with those that already nurture and truly know, will be stronger than ever. However you may still have some death process to go through, depending on who surrounds you. By death, I mean that you may need to let a relationship/s die before you can be truly reborn.

If you are married or living with someone, it is possible that they are also quite solitary. If this is not the case, try to find ways to make them understand that you need more solitude than some people. This is very important for you. A loving partner will enjoy you even more when you have reclaimed your wonderful, mystical power.

If you know in your heart and soul that your relationship can never work (be sure about this, be sure it’s not just a difficult phase) – then it may be time to gracefully move out of it.


Panther & Career

Panther & Career – Panther Medicine At Work

  •  If you are not happy in your job is it time for a kind of death and rebirth?
  • Would it help you to know your shadow side better, to help you deal with work situations with less complications and more agility?
  • Does your career give you the opportunity to show your strengths, your courage and your inherent spiritual knowledge? Inherent spiritual knowledge can be used in numerous situations.
  • Do you need to analyse your career very carefully from up close and then look at it with the perspective of distance?

It’s time to embrace your acute sensitivity. If you are happy in your career just use this to enhance your skillset and working relationships.  Being acutely sensitive is a great gift, when used tenderly and with respect for others.

If you feel that you are approaching the death of a job or a certain career path, use your skills to move on gracefully. Remember that without death, rebirth can’t occur.



Panther & Earth

Panther & Earth – Your Relationship With The Earth

  • Do you need to spend more time in nature – it will help you to tap into your panther medicine?
  • Can you use your gifts to help the earth?

Whatever situations are happening in your environment and any aspect of your life, don’t you think it is time to look at them very closely but also from a distance?

You have come in with inherent spiritual knowledge, great strength and courage. As a panther person you are especially well endowed to manifest feminine energies that can help nurture your environment and the earth.

Remember we are all caretakers of the earth, for future generations and for the earth herself.


Good Medicine

Good Medicine – Possible Effects Of Panther Medicine

Panther medicine is all about coming into your own and reclaiming the inherent power you were born with.  All of us have a part to play in the bigger picture, you as a panther person, have been gifted with great agility, gracefulness and courage to deal with life.

You must be willing to get up close and personal with your shadow self, as by knowing and loving your shadow self, you will become whole. You can only then love yourself entirely.  From  self love in turn comes the real knowledge and acceptance of your true personal power and the  soul path you have agreed to travel in this life. Real self love also opens you up to attracting the right love partner, as well as attracting fulfilling relationships in general.

Once you get to the stage of true self acceptance, a world of mystical power can enter your life. It is the time to start living your dreams.  Your dreams can be greater than your expectations.

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